Advanced Legy Fare

Minecraft Advanced Legy is legendary, attractive themed, and highly competitive first-person shooter game. In this game, you have to pit against the other teams & play until the death match.

How To Play Advanced Legy Fare

  1. W - A - S - D / arrow keys to roam
  2. Shoot by Left click
  3. R key to reload the weapon
  4. Spacebar for jump
  5. Shift to Run
  6. Tab key to open menu

Kill, shoot, grab the enemies and race to get the high scores. Explore the world and craft varieties of equipment and other dangerous weapons to kill the enemies. Be a leader and lead your team to fall down your enemies.

Developer: Advanced Legy Fare was developed by Mentolatux.


  1. More than 14 players can play in the room.
  2. Four options for weapons
  3. 2 supportive modes: team deathmatch and deathmatch
  4. Mouse-sensitive
  5. Different shaped objects
  6. Varieties of Maps

Platform: Flash Browser and Web browser based

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