Blocky Combat SWAT 3

Blocky Combat SWAT 3 is a 3D shooting game. You got an intense experience of shooting in this game. Its graphics, maps, characters and uniquely designed. Its styling is similar to the Minecraft game.

How To Play Blocky Combat SWAT 3

Use WASD / arrow keys to move, press left click for shooting, right click for pointing, R key for reloading, shift key to run, ctrl key to prone, C key to crouch, and spacebar for the jump.

At the beginning of the game, you play with the gun and pistol. When you kill the enemies you experience level increases and your abilities also upgrade. You play with the team, and the victory depends on your shooting skills.

Game technology

This game is developed on the unity.


Blocky Combat SWAT 3 is developed by Mentolatux.


Web browser

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