Kogama Minecraft

Kogama Minecraft is fantasy world game that gives you a chance to make your imagination true and make beautiful blocks and buildings. Play in the creative mode and create structures, levels, weapons, tools and so on. You have to collect your food in order to survive.

How To Play Kogama Minecraft

The graphics of this game are fantastic, they are easily controlled and smooth. The gameplay is amazing and similar to the original Minecraft game. It gives you the chance to play online and mutually work with the player in the world. If you are creative mind then this game is perfect for you.

Controls of Kogama Minecraft

  1. Arrow keys or WASD keys for the movement.
  2. Spacebar for the player jump.
  3. E key to use resources.
  4. Q key to holster
  5. Left click for attacking or building
  6. K key to respawn

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