Minecraft CrazySteve io

The Crazysteve io is similar to the Minecraft. Steve is having a competition within the game. Watch your bombs and distract the players and kill them with TNT. Make your Blast tournament and become an Immense Steve. Play Minecraft CrazySteve io game online free.

How To Play Minecraft CrazySteve io

  1. Left click to aim TNT
  2. Right-click to enhance speed

The player must work hard to get the crown of a king. Open the map and search for the red bombs in order to create your own TNT and blue crystals to enhance the size. At a time you can plant 6 bombs and throw them in any direction.

About CrazySteve io

Developer: CrazySteve.io is developed by Aleksandr.


  1. Have fun under Steve’s head in the Minecraft.
  2. It has 2D pixel Graphics
  3. Amazing gameplay to aim TNT on the other players.
  4. A map to search bombs and extract the location of the players.
  5. Enhance the speed by increasing your experience.

Platforms: PC/ Computer: Web browser

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