Minecraft GunBox io

GunBox io is an interesting shooting and fighting game. It is based on the 2D world whose gameplay is similar to the Minecraft Game. Search around the map and upgrade your character from time to time. Pass out the level by destroying the player and digging for the resources.

How To Play Minecraft GunBox io

  1. W-A-S-D keys or arrow keys for movement
  2. Left click/spacebar for the attack
  3. 1,2,3,4 button to change the weapon

Along with the fighting you have to refill your health meter by eating the food. For building the structure you have to collect the stones, woods, mud and so on. Craft the weapons to kill the enemies and make your survival strong in Minecraft GunBox io. Play and have fun.


  1. Minecraft gameplay based game.
  2. Build your own building and structure.
  3. Collect scattered weapons.
  4. Change your character from head to feet from a simple upgrade.


Web browser

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