Orion Sandbox Enhanced

It is the latest version of the Orion Sandbox with many new and additional features. In this game, you have to be live on the new planet. On the new planet, your plane is landed. You have to use your skills and mind to survive on that planet.

How To Play Orion Sandbox Enhanced


  1. AD keys and left or right arrow key for movement.
  2. Left click for the placement of block and for mining.
  3. Spacebar for the jump. Hold the spacebar for the long jump.

It is developed with the inspiration of the Minecraft. You have to collect the food, wood, stones, water, and dirt for the construction and your survival. Choose the character build your houses and make your imagination true.  

Developer: Maxim Shipulin and Ivan Demidov have developed Orion Sandbox Enhanced game.

Platform: Web browser

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